how to Increasing the PHP Memory Limit in wordpress

how to Increasing the PHP Memory Limit in wordpress

there are three way to change the memory limit size.

1. Using wp-config.php file variable in your file WP_MEMORY_LIMIT

2. Using PHP.ini memory_limit

3. using htaccess

1. Using wp-config.php

1. Add this code into your wp-config.php file: at root of the wordpress folder

2. using PHP.INI

Open Notepad text editor or any other and paste this code code:

and Save your file named “php.ini” and upload on the root folder using FTP or cpanel

and also upload same file under the wp-admin/ folder.

and check your issue is solved or not.

check and test it

and save this file as test.php and upload on your server and find the memory_limit variable on the screen

if the memory size is not changes and getting the same issue or error on your site.

Please contact the your hosting company for any your account restrition

3. using htaccess

php_value memory_limit 64M

add this code into your htaccess file and upload on server